West Egg Cafe, Atlanta, GA

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Amazing (and strong) mimosa! Photo Credit Ash Bruxvoort

Amazing (and strong) mimosa! Photo Credit Ash Bruxvoort

After eating nothing but conference food for three days I could hear the soft calls of breakfast potatoes. And eggs. And mimosas. 

I conducted an audit of my surroundings by Googling, “breakfast place near me.” The West Egg Cafe came in at 1.5 miles away. I strapped on my Chocos and headed down the road, listening to Caroline Smith’s rad album on the way.

I knew from their website the West Egg Cafe was a little hipper than the breakfast places I favor, but it had a nice, vintage vibe that I jived with. When you walk into the place there’s a counter for ordering coffee or drinks to go. There’s a couch and coffee table set up like your rich friend’s house by the door. It was dead when I got there on a Wednesday night, so I grabbed a seat at the bar.

The wait staff at West Egg has a bored, post-grad, hipster vibe. I ordered a mimosa almost immediately, but it took about ten minutes before someone took my order. The mimosa was amazingly strong, and the breakfast menu was small but creative. I ordered the black bean cakes and eggs with potatoes… and immediately regretted not ordering grits. Momentary lapse in judgement, but we can’t be perfect all the time.

Black Beans Cakes & Eggs at West Egg Cafe, Photo Credit Ash Bruxvoort

Black Beans Cakes & Eggs at West Egg Cafe, Photo Credit Ash Bruxvoort

When they set my food out in front of me I was in awe. The eggs were over easy perfection. The black bean cakes were perfectly spicy, and reminded me of vegetarian sausage. The salsa and sour cream was the perfect amount of thickness. My mouth is watering just writing this. Holy crap that was good.

And since I have obsessed over potatoes so much, I will just tell you that the potatoes at West Egg were beyond satisfying, heavily seasoned home fries. They were actually probably incredible, but I was so distracted by how good everything else was I can barely remember.

It was so good I took a picture of it and Tweeted it out to the entire world (or however many followers I have on Twitter) because I wanted them to be jealous of my amazing food.

In one of the few social interactions I had with the staff at West Egg, the best one was with the guy who came to check on me after I got my food.

“Everything okay?”

“Uh YEAH!”

I inhaled every bite of that meal and thought to myself… I must make this when I get home.

I’ll be pining away for those black bean patties forever.

Ultra Hip and Modern West Egg Cafe, Photo Credit Ash Bruxvoort

Ultra Hip and Modern West Egg Cafe, Photo Credit Ash Bruxvoort

The Breakfast Babe Breaks It Down
Potatoes           4/5
Dranks               5/5
Atmosphere       3/5
Food Options     3/5
Veg Friendly       3/5

West Egg Cafe, 1100 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, GA 30318
404-872-3973 | westeggcafe.com

And in case you’re curious about what happened at the most amazing dive in all of Georgia… you can check out that story at Medium.


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